We have the following products available for free download:

Loanconsultant 1.0

This product will help you analyze and get answers most of the questions that you may have when starting a new loan or refinancing an existing loan. It can calculate your payment by a variety of periods with a number of different compounding methods to choose from, show the amortization table, display various charts, etc. Other important features include multiple document interface which allows you to keep several loan documents open at the same time and to freely switch among them, capability of exporting loan documents to text files or HTML files, refinance advisor, and tools to customize your environment.


accusync 2.0

AccySync 2.0 is a software product that helps you keep your files/folders synchronized across different computers (desktops and laptops). In addition, it can be used to backup and restore a set of files and folders, and even the entire computer. Below are some of the highlights of AccuSync 2.0: Keep files/folders up-to-date through synchronization among two or more machines. Create backup for certain files/folders within the same machine or to a different machine, or to a CD/DVD drive. Restore files/folders from backup location. Provide file/folder filters to give you more power specifying the exact files/folders you want to include in/exclude from source and destination. Allow you to customize certain rules about synchronization. Maintain log files for each synchronization/backup/restore. Automatic notification upon completion of synchronization/backup/restore. Extensive help files.

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